Ebb and Flow Feelings Diary

Ebb and Flow is a lightweight tool you can use as a daily diary to track your mood and feelings.

You start with the main page. This shows you a list of your existing diary entries. Press the blue edit button and you can create a new entry for today. Or you can select an existing entry and update your diary for a previous day.

Press the blue icon and you can make a new diary entry for today.

When you edit your diary, you can put in anything you want. Notice the feelings tab. This is a set of sliders you can use to record your feelings for today

Back at the main page, if you press Ebb and Flow, you will see how your feelings go up and down over time. Note that this will take a few days to show any meaningful data. There’s a couple of cool things to note about this page.

First, if you press the labels at the top, this will hide the graph data for that label, making it easier to see what you’ve recorded. You can also change the dates (by default it shows you the last 5 days). This means can see how you’ve felt over a longer period of time. Or how you were feeling last month for example.

Finally, you can press parts of the graph and if you made a diary entry for that day, it will show how you felt. So if you can see your mood was high on a particular day, you can touch that peak and see what you wrote about that day. The idea here is to try and correlate what makes you feel better (or perhaps what makes you feel worse.

Note that all of the data recorded in the app is kept on the phone. Nothing is sent anywhere else. This is for your data privacy. It does mean though that If you delete the app, then all of the data is lost. Hopefully you might find this tool useful. Thanks for looking

(I’m assuming you are reading this page after installing the app. If what you read here sounds useful, then you can get the app on Android or iOS.)