JSON on the Meadow MCU

From a thread I responded to on the Wilderness Labs forums, I got the Meadow microcontroller building a JSON object and sending the result to a .net API server The question came from someone trying to use the NewtonSoft JSON framework which has too many associated libraries and the Meadow runs out of memory. When […]

Simple Debugging in Xamarin Forms

Text labels in your XAML can be given a name. And that name can be referenced in the code behind. First create a label in your XAML. Stick it in the content page and not in ToolbarItems as there isn’t enough space there really. I usually give that label a silly name that’s completely disassociated […]

Ebb and Flow Feelings Diary

Ebb and Flow is a lightweight tool you can use as a daily diary to track your mood and feelings. You start with the main page. This shows you a list of your existing diary entries. Press the blue edit button and you can create a new entry for today. Or you can select an […]

Make a good cup of coffee

Here’s an easy (and cheap) way to make good coffee every time, without spending a lot of money. The secret isn’t lots of expensive machines, but good ingredients that you can measure. Find the right recipe, then you can make and remake it every single time. And to make that easier, I’ve written an app. […]

App Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy This policy applies to all information collected or submitted on the Great Cup of Coffee App and any other devices and platforms. Information we collect We collect the information you save in the App but the data does not leave the phone. So effectively if you can see the data in the phone, […]

Project Hexapod Part 3: No plan survives contact with the enemy

Design change 1: Originally, I was going to control the hexapod from an Arduino pro mini.  Partly because that’s how I originally started the project.  But also, because I’d heard ropey things about raspberry pi’s and Python controlling servo’s in real time.  I was however planning to use a raspberry pi zero-w as a master.  […]

Project Hexapod Part 2: More walking design thinking

Each leg on this robot has 3 motors; a shoulder, an elbow, and an ankle To make things easier I labelled them up like this: There are 18 separate motors to control: Board Servo Board Servo Left Front Shoulder Pwm1 8 Right Front Shoulder Pwm1 7 Left Front Elbow Pwm1 10 Right Front Elbow Pwm1 […]

Project Hexapod Part 1: Walking Design

The design of the hexapod looks like this.  Each “limb” comprises of a shoulder, elbow and a foot.  The shoulder moves in a horizontal plane, left and right.  The elbow and feet move in vertical plans, up and down. To control the hexapod, I need to consider stability. My current plan is to move three […]

Job descriptions don’t matter these days

I had a good catchup with an old boss today. Chewing the fat about the state of the industry, how roles are changing (and how they aren’t). Last year he moved from a very traditional IT vendor to a hyperscale cloud provider and we ended up in a discussion around how recruitment is changing Today […]

Project Hexapod: Introduction

In 2018 I was building lots of Arduino projects. One of which was a robot car which sense walls using ultrasound to sense when it was about to drive into a wall. In the video below I connect via bluetooth, then enter some commands into the Arduino serial console To build on this I decided […]

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